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" and Meditation is an advanced system of meditation that has been handed down from master to disciple since ancient times. These teachings are the science of Kriya Yoga. It began with pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga postures, mantra sidhi, pran yoga sidhi healing the body, mind and spirit. You will discover your true self and you will start looking at the world and life with a new way as you have never seen it before. Also, if you want to have all your schedule of yoga classes organized, think about using personal training scheduling software which can make your life really easier. Your thinking, your views and your life style will change to a very Positive way."
- S. Abhayanand
Sitting in a dark room, near the river at the foot hill of a mountain, in a cave or in the woods alone and in silence, trying to keep your body, mind and soul towards devotion and self-realization, may often get you nowhere. Because, without a guru or guide, one can't get anything. That is why by learning and practicing them daily, of these scientific techniques of meditation, one can disconnect the mind from sensory distractions and from the otherwise ceaseless flow of thoughts, the consciousness functions on a higher plane, devotion to the infinite spirit and one feels love, peace, happiness and free from all the stress. You will built a recycling plant in your body, which will recycle your negative energy in to positive energy.
If you are new to yoga exercises ask questions. The experts in our office will help you find the proper clothing and footwear for the trainings and also help select comfortable shoes for every day activities. Browse the assortment at and find Naturalizer shoes assortment for office and going out and many sport brands like New Balance, Ecco, Rockport, etc. that will be a perfect match for any training! is a world renown yoga instructor with over 40 years of experience offering instruction in PowerTouch Meditation and PowerTouch Yoga in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as in the sport center, specializing in fitness bootcamp. Our company uses professiona advice and ideas by Quebec City family physicians. also conducts special classes outside of the Bay Area for group instruction.
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