8 basic steps of yoga

Yoga is a diverse phenomenon. However, all the different interpretations of yoga agree on one thing: the purpose of these classes is to achieve a special state of samadhi. The nature of this state can argue, using both philosophical and theological arguments. Yet the point is that, even without reaching this final state, yoga classes allow to move towards self improvement in various aspects, in spiritual and physical. The very state of samadhi can be described as something similar to those available to our usual experience of states such as trance. This condition is achieved by complex effects on the psyche. Actually, these effects are implemented through specific yoga practices. The practice of yoga includes the passage of eight stages. The first of these is to follow the correct behavior. It includes self-restraint. The second is the implementation of ethical rules associated with purity. This is purity of body and purity of thoughts.

The third stage is the implementation of certain physical exercises. Usually when we think of a person who is engaged in yoga, we represent someone in a difficult position. This is exactly the third stage. The fourth stage, is a proper breathing. During the fifth stage of separation of consciousness should occur on the specific sensory organs. The sixth is called concentration. Seventh - is the meditation, and the eighth is finaly the state of samadhi.