The importance of healthy nutrition in yoga doctrine

Proper nutrition in yoga doctrine allows a person to maintain strength and endurance of not only the physical body, but also the stability of mind and psyche. We all know that human body gets completely renewed on the basis of the consumed food in 7 years, so let us take a closer look at the issue of proper nutrition in yoga.

Yoga subdivides all the possible variety of foods into the three main categories - tamasic, rajasic and sattvic. This classification is based not only on the biochemical characteristics of the products, but also on the ability of certain substances affect the state of mind and consciousness. Tamasic food is unbalanced, stale, fried, decaying, burnt, unclean and overdried food. It must be avoided, because it is considered unhealthy. Such food is the worst food for the human body, which plunges the body into all sorts of illnesses, and the consciousness - into a state of torpor and inertia. Read more how yoga helps to stay forever young.

Hatha Yoga says the following about rajasic food: yogi should not eat salty, sour, hot and spicy food, nuts and betel leaves, sesame and rice oil, mustard, meat, fish, cheese, wine, black pepper and garlic. In addition all narcotic agents: tobacco, tea, coffee and other intoxicants are also included to the category of rajas. Rajasic food does not bring fast and apparent harm, especially for young people, if cooked properly. A food should be cooked in high quality best stainless steel cookware, which allows a meal to preserve useful vitamins and trace elements.

Proper nutrition of yogi includes the use of natural and fresh products, which form a strong immune system, maintain the strength and health of the physical body and mind. According to recommendations specified in the classic treatise on yoga, sattvic food is the most appropriate diet for humans and the most proper diet when doing yoga. Such a food supports peace of body and mind, bringing a person joy, happiness and pleasure. Sattvic food is also the guarantee of health and longevity. Remember that we are what we eat. Eat properly and stay healthy!

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