Healthy reasons to do yoga

Good health - that is why most of us have come to yoga. Whether it is physical, emotional health, the health of the mind or soul. Yoga can solve almost all problems with your health. But even if the illness is not under force for yoga, it is able to change our attitude to it and bring a huge relief.

So yoga:
- It increases flexibility
- Improves nervous system
- It strengthens the muscles
- It improves brain function
- Improves balance
- It operates the left hemisphere of the brain
- Strengthens the immune system
- It changes the level of neurotransmitters
- Corrects posture
- It reduces the level of stress hormone
- It improves lung function
- It lowers blood sugar
- It slows down the breath and makes it deeper
- It lowers blood pressure
- Frees nasal breathing
- It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides
- It leads to a healthy lifestyle
- It strengthens the cardiovascular system
- It promotes spiritual growth
- Provides weight loss
- It relaxes the nervous system

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