Research over the last 50 years has shown that daily meditation improves health and reduces stress and anxiety. Meditation is easy to learn and simple to practice. Through the use of the method of instruction one experiences immediate results. One experiences the joy and bliss of enlightenment.

What kind of meditation is Meditation? Meditation is a mantra meditation. One sits and effortlessly repeats the mantra in their mind. No concentration is required.

What is different about Meditation from meditation offered by other instructors?

Most meditation instruction only involves receiving a mantra to practice. With Meditation you are given the which enlivens the mind and "jump starts" the meditation so you get results immediately. If awakens the "kundalini shakti" or "serpent power" by which you start feeling good. It awakens the nine chakras or "power points" in the body. It is like "instant enlightenment."

Do I have to sit a certain way?

No, you can sit comfortably in a chair if you like. Or you can sit on the floor in a yoga asana. Either way you will get results.

How often do I meditate?

Twice a day for 10-15 minutes is recommended.

Sounds good, when can I learn? Meditation is currently offered in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Private instruction is available now. Please check back to this web site for locations, dates and times. And do not forget that you can meditate when you have no medical billing problems otherwise contact this company.