Speeding a Recovery After Plastic Surgery with Yoga

Plastic surgery is a big step towards fulfillment of the dream of the perfect appearance. But, as with any surgery, this one is not possible without some inconveniences: swelling, limitation of physical activity, a special compression underwear, anyone who dared to plastic correction should to go through it. The length and complexity of rehabilitation depends not only on the complexity of the operation itself, but also on the mental attitude of the patient. If you know in advance what difficulties you will meet for the first time, you will be prepared for them, and therefore the recovery period will be successfully and quickly completed. Especially, modern medicine offers many ways to quickly return to your duty and to please yourself and others with a wonderful result of the operation.

How to make a recovery period after plastic surgery as comfortable as possible?

A rehabilitation period after plastic surgery. The first 2-3 days after surgery to accelerate wound healing with the least damage, your body needs rest. Therefore, in this period you should think who can take care of you, for example take away from the clinic, cook dinner for you or give prescribed drugs. During recovery time to have a psychological comfort is important as much as a physical one. Therefore it is better if it is the person who you trust the most it can be your husband, parent or close friend.

Water and solar procedures. On average, take a shower after the plastic surgery is possible in 5-7 days. In a few weeks, you can take a bath till this moment your scars will be healed. If you have the laser correction of skin the treated area can be carefully washed with clean water a day after the procedure. Many patients take a vacation during the rehabilitation period. This is a great idea, but it is worth considering that the trip to the sea is not the best option, until swelling gone, the sun is the worst enemy.

Physical activity and yoga

The phrase "movement - is life" applies to plastic surgery. Usually, doctors recommend to start moving as soon as possible after surgery (ideally - on the same day), because lying creates the risk of blood clots in the legs, especially after extensive surgery. So yoga is the best option for you. You can use the easiest poses that will help you to awoke your organism and tighten your skin. But you should avoid those yoga poses that cause pain, once again not to disturb the operated tissues. The full practice of yoga you can begin no earlier than 3-5 months depending on the type of operation.

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