Right nutrition of true yogi

It is one thing to regularly attend special trainings devoted to yoga and quite another to be a true follower and obey all the rules of proper nutrition. After all, it is possible to achieve real results and become a true professional yogi only if to combine all the elements of yoga. Remember that yoga is not just a sport or fitness, it is a lifestyle, so you have to integrate this philosophy into all spheres of your life. You need to start with proper nutrition the first and the foremost. Read about the importance of health nutrition in yoga doctrine.

Sattvic food is considered the most useful, it includes such products as milk, fruits and vegetables, beans and soy products. They are able to bring peace of mind and mental superiority. You should use only healthy foods and fill only a half of your stomach. Another quarter is filled with water, and the rest space is left for the air and spirit. If you do this you will be able to achieve easiness and tranquility of their body.

In addition, the food should be pleasant to the taste, so yoga consume sweets. And some are used to enhance the flavor of special permits food additives such as Chavanprash that resembles jam, and also has healing properties.