Skin care before and after yoga classes

Modern people, both men and women, regardless of their age try to lead active lifestyle and keep fit. Regular exercise, especially if they take place outdoors are a pledge of not only good physical shape and normal functioning of the body, but also good appearance and health of the skin. However, at the same time, each physical activity is a kind of stress for the skin, because it is affected by several external factors (dust, changes in air temperature, wind, solar radiation, etc.). So, it is clear that active people need special skin care. If you do physical exercises or yoga intensely and regularly, you should pay attention to a few points for proper skin care. Read more about our yoga classes, which help to stay forever young.

1. Remove the makeup before exercising, if possible. Even the best makeup is flaking during the movements and your face will have a terrible look as a result, besides any, even elite class cosmetics burdens the skin.

2. If you exercise outdoors, you should always apply a cream with high UV filter. Top layer of the skin affected by perspiration gets more permeable to the radiation, and this fact facilitates the likelihood of a sunburn.

3. Fatty cream should be used only if you are training in the cold premises, as fat warms up the skin too intensively in mild temperatures or when training indoors that leads to the stagnation of heat in the skin tissues and blood vessels overloading.

4. Carefully remove the sweat from your face with mild soap or cleansing milk after a training. This is especially important if the skin is prone to the formation of acne. Dried traces of sweat is a perfect breeding ground for various bacteria. Experienced beauticians recommend to apply special cleansing masks for men after a training as men's skin is more oily than women's and thus, require more thorough cleansing. It is important to apply a moisturizer after cleaning. This step prevents from dehydration of the skin.

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