3 Yoga Techniques that Tighten Your Skin

Over time, our skin begins to sag become flabby and unattractive. We can deal with it in natural way and usually don't put a lot of money on lifting. Yoga is very useful in terms of skin tightening. Follow three helpful Yoga techniques and your skin becomes rejuvenated in short time.

Meditation. Sit in a "tailor pose" on the floor or on the meditation cushion. Stretch up your spine, as a string of pearls from the tailbone through the sacrum, thoracic vertebrae, upper back and neck. Imagine that you are attached to the sky with a thread, like a puppet. Freely lower your shoulders back, down, out and actively relax in length. Then repeat it couple times.

Lotus flower opens to Sun. Sit, as described above in "tailor posture." If you want to simultaneously act as a support for back muscles, you can put your feet up in front of the body so that the feet, knees and hips are in a straight line. Coccyx and ischial bones are "drained" to the seat. The shoulders are lowered back down to the front. Hands without strain crossed at shoulder height. Imagine that from the two highest points of the ears you have thread, like a puppet that go to the crown point where they are "tied" with the golden thread on which "suspended" your head. Now imagine a chain of tiny eights, which, as a garland, rises into the sky. Let your head follow this thinnest garland. Inhale, exhale.

Activation of the muscles. You will have to activate the points of intersection of the muscles with your fingers, sending a gentle pulse of pressing. Please do not pull, push, tear and do not press hard. Also for activation you can use ice, the point of intersection of the muscles shrink from cold shock and your skin start tighten.

And remember the POSTURE is ABOVE ALL.

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